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At ROSS Leaders Omaha, we provide a diverse range of educational and enrichment opportunities for our students. Our programs encompass tutoring, mentorship, creative arts, and STEM activities, all designed to cater to the unique interests and needs of our students. Our dedicated mentors come from various backgrounds, including community members and students from institutions such as Creighton, Metro CC, UNO, and UNL. At the core of ROSS’s philosophy is the belief that every program should align with the individual passions and aspirations of our students. For our high school students, we offer invaluable opportunities to connect with professionals in fields like business, health, and law, enabling them to take significant steps toward achieving their career goals. In partnership with the KANEKO Arts Center, our students are encouraged to explore their creative potential through a variety of artistic mediums, including drawing, painting, and ceramics. Additionally, through our sports program, SO Elite, we introduce many of our students to the world of youth athletics and competition. Our sports programs serve as more than just physical activities; they also serve as a vehicle for imparting essential life lessons such as accountability, grit, and commitment. These lessons are transferable and valuable in all aspects of our students’ lives.

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