Community Events

Throughout the year, we proudly organize a wide range of community events that reflect our unwavering commitment to our values. Nurturing a strong sense of identity in our youth not only boosts their self-esteem but also instills an understanding of their roots. Our events create a space for young people to engage with their parents, seek wisdom from respected elders, and draw inspiration from the guidance of community leaders. Through these experiences, we empower the next generation to take pride in their South Sudanese identity, enabling them to confidently shape the future while honoring the past.


OmaROSS is an annual community partnership event held at our headquarters in Omaha, NE, dedicated to celebrating the South Sudanese culture. Our primary goal over the weekend is to inspire and empower young minds through engaging experiences that deepen their connection to their cultural identity. The event includes a range of exciting activities, such as community excursions, a basketball camp, and a community event. During this time, we not only introduce our students to Omaha’s attractions but also create a space for our students make memories and connections among peers. Throughout the event, we curate enriching workshops led by experts, addressing pivotal topics that impact our community: Financial Literacy, Personal Development, and Mental Health. These enlightening sessions equip attendees with practical knowledge and valuable tools to lead fulfilling, healthy, prosperous lives. The event concludes with a celebratory gathering where we honor our culture through dance, food, and different traditions.

Winter Wonderland Gala

Presented by our Lincoln Chapter, the Winter Wonderland Gala is our annual end-of-year event which brings the Nebraska community together for a celebration of South Sudanese Culture and South Sudanese Excellence. During the gala, students, parents, leaders, and community members connect to learn more about our culture and our traditions. The event features an award ceremony honoring our “Leader of Year”, an award recognizing students who exemplify ROSS values, a fashion show, and words of encouragement from community leaders, all aimed to inspire and uplift all in attendance. The Winter Wonderland Gala pays homage to our roots by gathering our community during the holiday season while encouraging the preservation of our culture.

Back2School Shootout & Backpack Drive

The ROSS Leaders x SO Elite Shootout is an annual event in Manchester New Hampshire where we gather with the community, give out school materials, and host an outdoor basketball tournament for community members to enjoy themselves before the school year begins. 

We are invested in the long-term success of our students and families. A significant portion of our success is attributed to the community we serve. We understand that only with your support our work is possible.

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