Homework Support

At ROSS Leaders, we believe education is the most integral part of leadership development. To best support our students and academic initiatives, we utilize mentors from local universities and the greater community. Our mentors have various educational and professional  backgrounds that fosters diverse conversations and support. Mentors provide homework assistance, test preparation, study support, personal development, and general advising. We encourage our mentors to build interpersonal connections with our students and expose them to new possibilities to promote their ultimate potential.

Preparing for Success

At the beginning of the school year, mentors meet with students to develop a list of  academic and personal goals. We regularly monitor each student’s progress throughout the year, identifying and addressing their strengths and weaknesses. In maintaining successful outcomes, we also keep an open line of communication with their parents and teachers; we facilitate intentional student-centered programming. To spark curiosity and emphasize the limitless possibilities of various professions, mentors are encouraged to share their career goals and academic backgrounds.

To encourage college and postgraduate education, we sponsor high school students to visit colleges and universities. To date, our students have visited Georgia Tech, University of Tennessee, Rockhurst University, Creighton University, Northwestern University, the University of Chicago, University of Nebraska at Lincoln, Kansas University, University of Missouri-Kansas City, and Kansas City Art Institute.

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