Bridging the Gap

ROSS Leaders South Sudan Initiative

The Wenyen Gabriel Basketball Camp, hosted at Dr. Biar’s Sports Complex in Juba, brought together over 300 co-ed players. We took a significant step in engaging with youth and helping them develop their fundamental skills. During our time in Juba, our leadership team also visited the Mangalla IDP Camp, a refugee camp housing 12,000 displaced refugees. Given the challenges posed by conflict, climate issues, and instability that directly impact South Sudan’s substantial youth population. In collaboration with our partners, we are planning to launch a new initiative in Juba, South Sudan. This initiative will offer competitive athletics, job readiness and development, financial literacy, academic support, and community services. The project will involve the establishment of facilities that will house programs to  support the youth of South Sudan, irrespective of tribal ethnicity or displaced status.

We are excited about our ongoing expansion into South Sudan as we establish a connection between the diaspora and our community abroad. We would greatly appreciate your support as we strive to Mold our Future Leaders.

As the ancient African proverb says,

“It takes a village”

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